It’s a busy time here at the farm.  Preparations begin long before the holiday arrives.  To help ease the confusion, we would like to answer some questions you may have about your Thanksgiving Bird. 


Q: Do I have to order my Turkey?

A: No, we stock our cooler with lots of birds of varying sizes to meet your needs. 


Q: Can I order a Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving?

R: We have partnered with Big O Smoke House to provide Smoked Otto’s Turkeys, $4.99/lb.  Please call Big O to place your order:

Big O Smoke House

9740 Cherry Valley Ave SE

Caledonia, MI 49316

(616) 891-5555


Q: How early can I pick up my Turkey and keep it fresh?

A: We suggest picking up your bird Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Any earlier we recommend freezing.


Q:  How big a Turkey should I buy?

A: Different families have different appetites.  We also know that leftovers are important to some.  We think on average a pound a person when deciding size. 


Q:  How long should I cook my Turkey?

A:  Here are some Cooking Guidelines that will help. Or check out this video.


Q:  What are your Extended Thanksgiving Hours?

A:                                          THANKSGIVING WEEK

Monday - Wednesday ...8:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday & Friday……...……...CLOSED
Saturday ……………......9:00am - 1:00pm


Still have Questions?  Call us on the Turkey HOT line (269) 795-3738